Day 11

Up & at ’em! This morning was a struggle, but well worth it. We made it out the door just after 7am, and had about a 45 minute walk to the bus station. Thankfully the bus ride was well over 2 hours to Granada so I was able to get a good nap in. Cool fact: Granada stands for pomegranate in Spanish. 

Once we arrived, our teacher gave us a short tour of the city so we would become familiar with it as we are staying the night at a hotel. The views of Granada blew me away right as I stepped foot on its land. We grabbed a quick lunch before seeing more sights, in which the food here is so cheap! Mostly anywhere you can order a drink and get a tapa free. I of course ordered Sangria with a chicken enchilada. Did I mention that water isn’t free here? It costs just about the same as a glass of wine. After lunch we checked into the hotel (which was very nice!)

We then made our way towards The Alhambra & Generalife. Again, pictures don’t do justice. I wish we could have spent more time here! To view more info visit: 

At about 7pm we were “let loose” for the night. My roommate Kim & I went back to our room so we could rest our legs & recharge our phones. Around 8pm we looked through some shops for awhile before finding a place to eat. I was SO hungry.. I was willing to eat anything at this point. We crossed paths with a restaurant that had a great deal! 1 pitcher of Sangria & 4 tapas for $8 euros. Next thing I knew, it was 11pm.. the Sangria was gone, and so was I (sorry mom). 

We slowly made our way back to the hotel as it was getting very cold. As I write this blog post, my eyes are becoming dreary. Tomorrow is another long day, but on the plus side we don’t have to be ready until 10am 🙂 On the down side, the hotel doesn’t have a continental breakfast like I’m used to. Hasta Luego! 

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