Day 12

Upon waking, my classmates & I made our way around the city of Granada some more. We did a lot of walking this morning, mostly uphill- so I was very sore. On our walk we passed some cacti 🌵. Our teacher mentioned that in Spain they eat it & it’s very sweet. 

I also noticed that the cigarette packs here have a picture of the side effects on it in a picture of a woman with wrinkles- I found that very interesting. Another thing I saw was an outdoor fitness center near a park. There was just a bunch of stations without weights for people to do. Of all the views we saw, the most spectacular was the Cathedral de Granada. 

To view more info visit: 

After a couple hours we made our way to the bus station where we had a couple hours before heading back to Sevilla. A few students & myself ate at a place called “Café- Bar Due”, where I ordered tinto de verano (wine, no surprise there) & a bocadillo con queso, juevo, bacon, y tomate. It was sooo good! Especially because it was heated up. 

Around 3pm we made our way onto the bus back to Sevilla. As I mentioned before, with as long of a bus ride as it was (3 hours), there was plenty of time to soak in the views. I was able to get some on video: ​

​After getting off the bus with another 40 minute walk back to my apartment, I was ready to relax & change into pajamas (I did not care that it was only 7:30pm). Lucky 🍀 for me, I get to write an outline for a paper that’s due Tuesday. Can you sense my sarcasm? Our teacher didn’t tell us about it until tonight when we got off the bus. The good part is that we just have to chose a place we visited that we liked the most & gather some photos and history we learned about it- 4 pages double spaced Ariel 12 font. Well, dinner is almost ready.. 

hasta mañana! 

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