Day 13

As I woke up, I couldn’t believe that this is the last Monday I’ll be here- that I’ll get cafe con leche & my host mom calling our names in the morning: “chicas, buenos Dias, van a comer”. She’s so cute! This week is going to go so fast. Just as I had butterflies in my stomach coming here to Spain, I have that same feeling thinking I’ll be home in 6 days! 

Today for class we would be visiting Baroque Seville: The Hospital of Charity. It is one of the best preserved medium-sized hospital complexes of the Golden Age in Spain. It was set up to house a fraternity devoted both to hospital functions and to the even less gratifying task of collecting the dead & burying them. 

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We also got to see the old House of Trade- an imposing example of the importance the development of America has had for Seville. 

As we were walking- I noticed how at one of the plazas there was an ice skating rink (pictured). I never would’ve thought I would see one here with the temperature being as warm as it is. 

Another thing I found interesting was a group of invisible “people” playing music in the street. ​​

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Today we were served pasta, salad, and bread. What I’ve noticed on this trip is that we are served a lot of carbs. As soon as we finished eating, my roommates & I made our way back to the school to type our paper that is due tomorrow. 

At 5pm los estudiantes y yo vamos a el Torre del Oro. It was so beautiful to see the views at the top- of the river with the sun setting! ​It was designed as a defensive outpost of the city walls to oversee access to the Guadalquivir. It was built in about 1220 and owes its name to the brilliant colored tiles that covered it. Nowadays it houses a small naval museum.

8:30 quickly approached & supper was ready to be eaten (my favorite part of the day). Tonight we had chicken burgers, bread, and potato chips. As I take it easy the rest of the night, that’s all for now!✌️

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