Day 3

Another day, another _____? For breakfast we were served two pieces of toast, fruit, and cafe con leche (I’m seeing a trend here). As we made our way towards the school, I still found myself a bit lost at times (thank goodness for roommates who are more direction oriented than myself). Hopefully I will get better at it with my time here. 

With as much walking as I’m doing, I’ve also noticed how warm the people of Spain dress. I had asked somebody about what temperature the people who live here are used to, in which the response was 100 degrees- to the point where it’s unbearable to stand outside. There isn’t any humidity here, but I can imagine why it would be a bit chilly when the temp gets down to 60 (which is the range of what it’s been here thus far). For us mid-westerns, this is a real treat for us compared to back home. 

Going back to last nights fire show- as we made our way back to our apartment, I also noticed how there was a street cleaner & just how well picked up the streets looked. They sure do take better care of their roads here than we do back in the US. 

While being given my first tour upon arrival to Spain 🇪🇸, I was informed that if I want to purchase a lottery ticket & don’t have the full number- to still keep it. This is because if I have any numbers on my ticket from the lottery number, I am able to earn that must money. For example, if I have the last number on my ticket that matches the lottery ticket- I can earn 5 euros. And from there the price would just go up depending on how many numbers I have that match. I found this very interesting as it is a much different concept than back home. 

As my roommates & I arrived to class, the rest of the program participants & our teacher head on over to the bus station to make our way to The Roman City of Italica- which is a splendid Roman amphitheater that gives the opportunity to walk through the layout of its streets, and to know the houses, public buildings, art objects and everyday utensils used by its inhabitants. 

 To view more info visit: 

The bus ride to this city was pretty lengthy, so I had plenty of time to admire the sites from the bus window. What I happened to notice the most were the trees. Rather than apples 🍎 like back home, the trees had oranges 🍊. Our teacher mentioned that we are not to pick the oranges off the tree and eat them because they are very sweet. 

After eating a delicious lunch and taking a nap, we made our way to El Barrio de Santa Cruz. It was so beautiful! (Not my photos) 

After touring, we had some free time as our host mom’s don’t make us dinner on Friday nights-Sunday. We made our way to the post cards so we could write our family & friends (which I plan on doing this weekend). As it approached dinner time, we contemplated on what to eat. After a short discussion, we decided on churros & chocolate- cheap & delicous. Unfortunately, we were unable to find churros so late in the evening- so we resided to ice cream and whatever we could find at the super market. We made sure to get extra food for the morning since most shops may be closed for the holiday. 

Once we got the food we needed, we headed back to our apartment. Tonight will be an early night as we have a long day tomorrow of traveling to Córdoba & then the celebration of the new year. Adios! 

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