Day 14

After all this time I finally remembered to take a picture of my breakfast. Cafe con leche (& lots of sugar) y pan, y fruta. 

For those who know me well are probably wondering how in the world I make it through the day with this proportion of food for breakfast. Hangry, that’s how (lol). By the time lunch is served at 2:30, I am more than ready to inhale it. 

For class today we are visiting Baroque Seville: The Maestranza Bullring. It is the finest in Spain, and one of the oldest & most important in the world- accommodating 14,000. 

The chapel- where fighters pray before entering the ring. 

The bulls ears & tails are chopped of and used as a trophy for the bullfighters. Recieve 1 ear if good, 2 ears if very good, & both ears with the tail if fantastic. 

To view more info visit: 

Today for lunch we had a form of potato soup with vegetables & eggs- yum! Also on the side was bread and a salad which included white asperagus. 

After taking a short nap, we were out the door again. Tonight we would be walking through the neighborhood of la Macarena. It was so beautiful! (Just like everything else in Spain) 

After viewing some awesome sites, my roommates and I did some shopping (great sales)! We then hurried home for dinner as it was almost 8:30. For supper we had rice mixed with veggies- SO good!

Tonight calls for another movie, 500 Days of Summer it is! Btw, only 3 days left in Spain- wowza! 

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