Day 5

After sleeping in until 2pm, my roommates and I got ready to venture out for the day. For those of you wondering how I could possible sleep in that late, I wasn’t in bed until 6am from the night before (New Years Eve). Today & tomorrow (January 1 & 2) are Spanish holidays- so we don’t have classes, planned activities, or meals made for us. 

As we made our way to find food, we ended up at a super delicious place where I ordered lasãna. For those of you reading this, it was nothing like back home. I can’t even describe the flavor- it was just SO good! 

 Of course when we were finished eating we ordered Churros. Although a 20 minute wait for them to bake, we stayed patient. As the Churros made their way to our table, the waiter gave us small cups of chocolate that tasted like a hot chocolate pudding to dip them in. 

While waiting for our food to arrive, my roommates & I discussed just how fit looking each individual of Spain was. With as much walking as there is, it’s no surprise. It takes about a 20 minute walk to really get anywhere around Seville. We also discussed how authentic the food is here, unlike back at home where a lot of the food is processed. 

With more time to spare, we made our way toward Jardines De Murillo- a garden area in Santa Cruz that we weren’t able to see during our tour. It was so simple, yet beautiful! 

With today being a short day, I have no shame of going to bed before 10pm. Felíz Año Nuevo! 

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