Day 15

Today for class we visited El museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (The Museum of Fine Arts) 🎭🎨. There were 14 rooms total within two separate floors. It was interesting to see how dramatic most paintings were, compared to the states where they are more modern. 

This museum occupies the former Convent of the Merced Calzada. It is the grand backdrop for displaying the essence of the 17th century Sevillian School of painting. 

After our tour, we went back to the classroom to review for our final on Friday. Tomorrow we have presentations (ugh), for those who know me well know I become a turtle inside a shell when speaking in front of a class. Thankfully there is no time limit! Off to our apartment we went where we had vegetable soup with turkey, salad, y pan for lunch- it was delicious (as always). 

After a short nap, my roommates & I made our way to meet with the other participants of the program to visit the top of Las Setas- Metropol Parasol. It was the most amazing view as the sun was about to set 😍 With our ticket to get to the top, we also received 1 free drink (I ordered tinto de verano). 

After spending a good amount of time at the top, we made our way down and looked through some shops as we made our way back home. Tonight for supper: PIZZA! 

Now- off to add the finishing touches of my presentation for tomorrow & watch a movie with the roomies. Buenos Noches! (2 days left in Spain!!) 

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