Day 16

At breakfast this morning my roommates & I couldn’t believe that tomorrow would be the last time we get cafelito y pan from our host mom. Time flies so fast! Although I love traveling, I’m more than ready to come home. 

Today for class we would be presenting our presentations. I, of all people, volunteered to go first. I sure am glad that’s over with. Afterwards we reviewed for a short period of time for our exam tomorrow (I know, I didn’t think I’d be expected to do school work here either). 

On our way back to the apartment we stopped to buy flowers for our host mom. Needless to say, she was very appreciative & loved them! 

For lunch today we had Paella (rice with pork loin & vegetables). Que Rico! 

After a short nap, we made our way to meet the other participants of the program for Churros & chocolate. The Churros were so filling! Me duele el estomago. 

Afterwards my roommates & I looked through some shops before making our way home for dinner. Tonight we had a noodle soup with a turkey and cheese sandwich (I ate my sanwhich too fast before I remembered to take a picture). 

After a delicious meal, it was time to “chill” before passing out for the night. I can’t believe tomorrow is my LAST full day in Spain.. I can’t wait to hug my loved ones! ❤

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