“Fake it ’till you make it”, they said. This is exactly what I tell myself on the daily, especially when I have something coming up where I need to be on my best A game – such as interviewing at THE Mayo Clinic.

I do know that for some people, this hospital isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But for me, I felt a lot of pressure going into an interview there. If you’re anything like me, you may start to overthink the whole process of being interviewed in general. I personally dislike sitting in a small claustrophobic room with multiple people staring at me with a pen and paper in their hands. No pressure, right? Just the thought of it made me anxious.

BUT – after talking with some people && doing a little bit of “research”, I came to find that I would actually do just fine…. IF I simply just told myself I would! Guys, so much of our reality consists of what we tell ourselves. For example, if I tell myself I’m not going to do my best at this interview, then I wont. I just spoke it into existence! The same is true for the opposite. So, I simply considered it an “experiment” and told myself the opposite of what I usually do.

Now, it wasn’t as easy as that. I actually had to prepare! I spoke with people who have had interviews at Mayo Clinic before and asked them what types of questions are asked. With the information I was given, I had a conversation with myself about some scenarios I would be able to share in different circumstances. Not only did I do that, but I also knew that first impressions were huge. I didn’t actually own any “business” clothing, so I went shopping (at thrift stores obviously) and found a couple outfits that I knew would give me confidence when wearing them.

As nervous as I was sitting in my car, hoping that time would slow down and that the interview would somehow get canceled and I could go home, I sat tall, played a song that pumped me up, and told myself that I was a BOSS. “You got this girl! It’ll be over before you know it.” I reminded myself to just be myself, and not a robot – to walk tall with my head held high – to make eye contact and shake their hand.

If you don’t know me personally, I’m sure you’re wondering at this point if I even got the job. There were five other people who interviewed for the position I applied for – and I GOT IT. I can’t say I wasn’t surprised – because I was. After reflecting on the interview once it was over, what I remember most was just being real and honest. I spoke to the interviewees like they were regular people – because they were. There was even a time during the interview where I didn’t have an answer to a question, and felt so unprepared – but I’m thankful that I was seen as a real individual rather than someone who was just trying to look perfect.

I hope that this story helps you in any sort of way if you’re struggling with finding confidence. My biggest tips for you include: dressing to impress (look good feel good, am I right?), speaking positivity over yourself, surrounding yourself around or communicating with people who have already reached what you are working towards (this helps to know what you still need to work on or do differently in order to gain more confidence in whatever area of life you need it in), and walking tall with your head held high.

xoxo, Megan.

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