Vision Board

When I first was introduced to a vision board, I had no idea what it was (maybe the same reaction you’re having while reading this). I didn’t understand the concept, until I applied it. I was told that all you needed were some magazines, a poster board, glue, scissors, and a marker. Now to me, this seemed TOO easy. Why hadn’t I heard of this before?! Well, it was because I hadn’t been surrounding myself around people who dreamed for themselves – and actually did something about it (another topic for another time). At the beginning of the year, many people think of resolutions for themselves – things they want to accomplish in the new year. Thinking about those goals/resolutions is one thing, but how are you supposed to remember what those specific things are when times get tough or you get distracted or occupied? By writing them down, that’s how. But, what if you’re like me, and write down your goals/resolutions for the new year but never look back at what you had written down? Enter the ‘VISION BOARD’. By having your goals/resolutions in the back of your mind or written down in front of you, go through magazines you’ve gathered (can be any kind of magazine) and pick out pictures or words that stand out to you and relate or symbolize the goals/resolutions you’ve made for the new year. Cut each of those out, and glue them to the poster board however you’d like! That’s literally all there is to it. Once you’ve completed it, put it somewhere that you look every single day, so that you are reminded of the goals/intentions you’ve set for yourself. No need to try and remember to look in the place you’ve written them down, which eventually leads to you forgetting what you had dreamt for yourself. This can be done with your kids, significant other, family, or just yourself. If you’ve tried this before, I’d love for you to comment on this post about your experience & what you believe it’s done for you! 🙂

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