Daily must haves

Every single day I use each of these things and find them beneficial to my well-being, so I figured I’d share what they are with you!

#1. Journal – I was recommended this journal by various people, so I figured it was worth buying. It’s not a blank journal, which I like, and it’s interactive with five prompts you are asked to answer each day.

These prompts are:
I am grateful for…
What would make today great?
Daily affirmation, I am…
3 amazing things that happen today…
How could I have made today better?

#2. Devotional – I never used to read devotionals, until I finally understood what they were. With a devotional, whatever type it may be, you read just one page each day (seems easy enough, I can do that). I chose this specific one because I had seen a good chunk of people posting about it each day and it caught my attention immediately. I am personally on a journey with my faith. If you are in a similar situation, I would highly recommend this one.

#3. Planner – If you know me well, or even if you don’t, you see me as a very organized person. Well, that’s only because I have a planner! Seriously, I write literally everything down in this thing. It’s the only way to keep me sane and remember all the obligations/thoughts I have each day. I’m not the type of person to use fancy planners, although I am guilty to of bought many of those kinds – they just never worked for me. I like the simpler the better. I usually buy a notebook size planner because I have big handwriting and tend to write a lot. I don’t buy my planners anywhere special, actually just Walmart. I tend to find myself attracted to the “Blue Sky” brand of planner, where there are lines in each box for the monthly view, and an hourly schedule on the day by day portion. I’ve found with time that I use my time best when I am intentional about it and schedule what I am doing each day at every hour, actually every 15 minutes to be exact. I used to think that was crazy, but honestly I would waste so much time doing nothing if I didn’t have a plan.

#4. Blank Journal – I’ve always used my blank journals to take notes on any business or personal development trainings/podcasts I would listen to – which I highly recommend doing! Your brain can only remember and attain so much information. Plus, writing things down is another form of repetition that’ll help you remember the information you are soaking in. Recently, a mentor of mine shared with me that she uses her blank journals to write down any thoughts she has every single day. This could be just plain old thoughts that you are thinking about any particular situation, any worries or anxiety you have that you need to get on paper, etc. She had said that by her doing that, she was able to take everything from her mind, onto that sheet of paper and immediately felt more relaxed and less uptight.

#5. Aluminum-free deodorant – I’ve always bought equate or secret deodorant up until the beginning of this year. I’ve never thought twice about what kind of deodorant I buy. It’s usually questions like: does it smell good, and is it the cheapest – that I find myself asking. Recently, a friend shared with me that she has been using deodorant that has no aluminum in it. First off, to clarity, I didn’t even realize deodorant had aluminum in it. I’ve never been one to check the ingredients in my deodorant, but I’m glad my friend mentioned it to me because I now know the negative health effects it has on our bodies (do the research yourself). I’m all about putting safe products in my body as well as on it. 🙂

#6. Insulated stainless steel water bottle – I can’t believe I hadn’t started to use one of these sooner! For years, and I mean literally my whole life, I’ve always used just a regular water bottle and would always get frustrated when it would change to room temperature (I like my water ICE COLD). These things keep your water cold, or hot, for over 24 hours! I remember filling it with ice water early in the day, and there were still ice chunks in it by the end of the day. Get yourself one!

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