Social media “break” review

Last week was the beginning of the new year. Can you believe it’s gone by this fast already? Like any other human, I was reflecting on the past year and what changes I needed to make in order to have a better year – this year. I have had an increase in my anxiety probably since the start of 2017 but never did anything about it. I won’t discuss the major reason it started up, but I do know that a small portion of it was the amount of time I was spending on my phone. Not only wasting time from my day scrolling, but mostly comparing my life to everyone else’s highlight reel. It’s so easy to get sucked into it, that I didn’t realize the negative effects it was having on my mood, which in turn effected all areas of my life.

So, let me get to the point here. Last week I decided that I needed to go on a social media break. Many young millennials won’t even understand what this means because social media has taken over our lives completely – to the point where we live and breathe it. I will admit, it wasn’t an easy decision to make to delete all my social media apps. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to do this, I just knew I had to do something different or my life today would look the same as it did last year. I wanted to see what it was like not having to worry about what to post or wondering what other people were up to in the back of my mind.

It was such an interesting “experiment” – what I like to consider it. There were a handful of things I did within a week that I so badly wanted to share with everyone online or document with a photo because “if you don’t post about it, it never happened” – but instead I kept the memories for myself to enjoy.

After reflecting on the past week, it was astonishing to me just how much time I had been spending on my phone. Like, it was an embarrassing amount of time. Guys, this past week, I rode the bus to work – and didn’t scroll on my phone. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner – without scrolling on my phone while eating. I woke up, without social media being the first thing I checked. And I went to bed, without social media being the last thing I looked at. I walked the hallways at work and around the grocery store – without scrolling on my phone. But what was the most eye opening to me was that while I had my head up, being present in the moment, I saw many, not all, but many, other people looking down at their phones. 😦

I highly encourage anyone to try this if they haven’t already. If a week is too long you think, try just one day. If you don’t know why you’d even do this, do it just to see how you feel afterwards. You’d be surprised to know that the image I shared, are all the things I guarantee you’ll experience – just as I did. ❤

So, what’s next? I just took a week off of social media, do I just dive right back into my old habits? Absolutely not! if I did, then the point of me doing this wouldn’t make any sense. Moving forward, I plan to use my time on social media intentionally and wisely. What do I mean by this? I don’t plan to look at my social media one hour upon waking up, and one hour before going to bed. I don’t plan to look at it while I am eating, walking, or spending time with someone. I don’t plan to post every single thing that I am doing. I DO plan to not let it consume my life and mind. There is more to life than social media, I promise you.

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