Pre-departure Singapore

Exactly one month from today I’ll be on a flight to Asia to visit my brother in Singapore. It seems so surreal, as every moment leading up to this has not been easy. I’ve had people tell me that I’m lucky for being able to take this trip with my mom to go visit my brother while he is studying abroad there – but I don’t consider myself lucky. I consider myself fortunate. I have amazing co-workers who either took a shift of mine or were flexible with their own schedules and did trades with me.

Financially, it hasn’t been easy either. Whoever thought I had $2,000 + laying around obviously doesn’t know me or my family too well. We are not made of money. Some of you are probably thinking, “oh, your mom didn’t pay for you to go?” For some people this may sound strange, but my mom has never been someone to hand me anything. Everything I’ve ever done or experienced has been because I – me, myself, and I.. made it happen. I have been budgeting stricter than I ever have, buying less things I “want”, and saying “no”, when it comes to outings with friends. I have been saving every penny, literally, that I can in order to make this trip happen. I don’t consider that luck – I consider that hard work, determination, and the will to make sacrifices when an opportunity like this presents itself.

You see, the way I’ve always lived life is with a lens that says: “Travel. Your money will return, but your time won’t.” In addition to the financial stressors, it took my mom and I over a month to book a hotel and flight – why you may ask? I’m honestly not sure. It felt like the universe was against us and didn’t want us to go. Before anybody add their two cents in… yes, we called the bank to let them know about the transactions we were about to make – and they didn’t hadn’t worked. We finally got everything booked, but that was after countless tries, emails, phone calls, bank transfers, and tears (on my part. I’m an emotional woman what can I say?)

Heading into this trip, I know there is nothing I can truly prepare myself for – but as someone who finds a way to worry about every little thing, and has a habit of over exaggerating at times, I constantly wonder whether or not my mom and I will actually make it to Singapore. What do I mean by that exactly? Well, if you don’t know me enough already, I am directionally dysfunctional (if that’s even a word). I can’t get anywhere without the google maps app on my phone. It’s sad, I know. I studied abroad in Seville, Spain a couple years ago and traveled there all by myself. You see, for that trip I had studied Spanish for years up to that point so you’d think I’d have no problem making my way through the Madrid airport, right? WRONG. I’m a smart girl so I used my resources, but I’m still surprised to this day that I made it there all by myself.

Long story short, I do not speak, read, or know Chinese. My brother does. So when my mom and I get to the airport in Singapore, I’m interested to see how we are going to make it out of there and to our hotel. Who knows, there may be people who speak English there to help me (not saying those who speak a language other than English can’t) – but if there is, that’s just not something I know right now. I’m sort of hoping my brother can just meet us at the airport, “save us”, and take us where we need to go for the rest of the trip LOL.

I’m so excited to share my trip with everyone and I plan to post daily blogs of all the sites we see and places we eat for anyone who plans to make a trip there sometime in their life. ❤

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