Travel Tips

I am by no means an expert when it comes to traveling, but I do have a few things to share that may help you when you are planning your next trip! C

1. Check the weather for the destination
This gives you an idea on what to pack so you’re caught by surprise while at your destination

2. Make a packing list ahead of time

This allows you to be prepared and ultimately gives you one less thing to do and worry about once the time gets closer to leaving

3. If flying, book on Tuesdays and/or use the hopper app

Flights tend to drop on Tuesdays, but what’s even better than that helpful tip is the hopper app! You type in your destination and dates and it filters out when the best time to buy is. The best thing about it is that it actually tells you if prices will drop, and if they will .. it tells you an estimate of when. And when that time comes, it sends you a notification on your phone! In addition, it color cotes the dates of each month. Light green = $100+ flights, Orange =$125+ and Red = $175+ .. I’ve used it for so many trips and it’s saved me so much time that I would otherwise spend looking for good flight deals myself.

4.  Stay with family/friends

I’ve heard so many people list off excuses for why they can’t travel, and one of them being that they don’t have the money. Of course one of the major spending costs is where you chose to stay. If you have family or friends who live in other states or parts of the U.S./World …. visit them AND stay with them! 9/10 they will let you stay at their place for free. This allows you to explore new places and save a huge chunk of money that would otherwise be spent at a hotel.

5.  Stay at an Airbnb

If you don’t know what that is, it’s a home you can rent out that is SUPER cheap! There are multiple options  – you can have the entire place to yourself, or just a bedroom in someone’s downstairs (ok that sounds creepy… be sure to read the reviews!) Ever since I stayed at my first Airbnb, I’ve never wanted to book a hotel again. I’ve personally always chosen the option of having the place to myself. My most recent booking cost me $50/night in CO! What. A. Deal. J Many hosts leave snacks, coffee, bottled water or food in the fridge for their guests and each place is so unique and cute.

6.  If you fly frequently, get an airline credit / point card

I actually do not have one of these, but I should. Just like a movie theater card where you get points each time you go, and then once you have a certain amount of points you get free popcorn or a movie – the same is for the airline card. The more you fly, the more you earn points, and the higher chance you get of getting free flights!

7.  If on a budget, drive – don’t fly

Although flying gets you to your destination ‘faster’, it isn’t necessarily always cheaper. Once a year I make a trip down to TX for a leadership conference, and throughout the years I have both flew and drove. Looking back, I saved SO MUCH money by driving! I would always be with a group of people so whatever the gas cost, it was split by four or five people… making my total amount spent on gas for the trip (MN –> TX and T –> MN) to be around $50 or $60 total! While the times I flew I was spending more than $160.

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